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Overhead garage doors or sectional garage doors, as they are more popularly known as, are best used in places where space is a constraint. These doors consist of sections that can fold slightly and can be rolled up to the top of the garage door frame, with the help of tracks. Overhead garage doors, unlike regular doors, don’t require much, if any, clearance in front of them and are perfect for small cramped spaces. Security Garage Door Service has a large selection of such doors on offer.

Security Garage Door Service Louisville, KY 502-310-4463Overhead garage doors aren’t difficult to maintain, but they are especially prone to wear and tear damage and are susceptible to weather changes. Security Garage Door Service provides garage doors that are crafted with the best materials to give our doors a long life cycle. Security Garage Door Service will help you install, maintain and repair your overhead garage door.

We have a range of overhead garage doors for every budget. Our installation costs are minimal, so you won’t have to break the bank when you contact our experts. Your garage door will be quickly and efficiently installed.

We will also work with you if you want to add additional functionalities to your door. We will be happy to provide you custom features like an automated door opening system that works with a remote (or several remotes). We can also attach motion sensors to your garage door, which means your garage door will raise and lower any time you are nearby. Our team of experts is well versed with the latest garage door technology and you can reach them at 502-310-4463!